What’s My Motivation, Pt. 3

A li'l self advertising. #cinematiclightbox #amazonprimeday #directorgmedia #in4k #xproii #officespace #fridayjr #characteranimator #goulash A post shared by Garett Thomas (@directorg) on Jul 27, 2017 at 8:45pm PDT Okay, so this is an ongoing thread, nice. There’s quite a bit that it can still expand to, which is great. I’ll [try to] be brief, and start Read More …

Shared from Getlisty: Movie Trailer Perfectly Portrays LGBT Comic Book Heroes

Iceman, Mystique and Catwoman are just some of Marvel and DC Comics’ LGBT characters, although the public rarely hears of that in published reality. Now, Director Mike Buonaiuto has crafted this Comic Con trailer below, showing that LGBT superheroes are indeed amazing, and absolutely need to become part of mainstream comic book characters everywhere. See it now! View full info at http://getlisty.net/p/574e7c6289862216b82ac869