2010 – 2019

2018: Talking Movies with PenTV and DirectorG – 107 – 90th Academy Award Noms in 4K

It’s our latest Talking Movies episode, the first ever in 4K, also the first episode to air on PenTV ever filmed in 4K, all of which was filmed using my personal equipment. *ALSO* the first PenTV show to utilize Adobe Character Animator, to generate my digital doppelgänger! Awards to be held March 4th, 2018. Collaboration among Thomas Productions, directorG Media and Peninsula Television.

Host, Director, Producer, Etc.: Garett Weston Thomas

IMDb: imdb.com/title/tt7945452


2018: Point Shoot ‘n’ Eat

My ongoing episodic vlog about filmmaking, fine dining and life itself in the San Francisco Bay Area. Filmed in part with a GoPro. Now in 4K!

GTPSE GoProJobyPointShootEat GoPro2016-04-24.Still001

Host & Producer: Garett Weston Thomas
Credit: Tom Sirijaroonchai

IMDb: imdb.com/title/tt7316734


2017: T&G B2B Sea o’ Peeps 2Z Other Side!

Trek along with Tom and Garett, as viewed through their GoPro during the 2017 Bay to Breakers event from 5.21 in San Francisco!

TnG-B2B-SeaoPeeps2zOS_maxresdefault 3-FineCut.00_02_59_15.Still023 3-FineCut.00_05_22_23.Still0203-FineCut.00_07_36_16.Still017 3-FineCut.00_07_20_00.Still018 3-FineCut.00_16_25_27.Still011

Editor & Producer: Garett Weston Thomas
Credit: Tom Sirijaroonchai

IMDb: imdb.com/title/tt7294606


2017: Talking Movies with PenTV – 106

Cody Simmons returns to host our 6th episode of “Talking Movies with PenTV” with our regular guest Garett Weston Thomas about all the deets for the 89th Academy Awards, to be held February 26th, 2017. Collaboration between Peninsula Television and Thomas Productions.

IMG_2030 IMG_2029 IMG_2028

Host: Cody Simmons
Guest, Editor & Producer: Garett Weston Thomas
Director: Shuli Chen

IMDb: imdb.com/title/tt6464162


2016: 8 Minutes

“When a Red Giant Sun expands toward Earth, you won’t get to see it for the speed of light.”

4-fine-still009 4-fine-still005 8minutes_final_poster300dpi

Editor & Producer: Garett Weston Thomas

IMDb: imdb.com/title/tt6343648

To view spreadsheet PDF of online media database compiled, click here.


2016: T&G Fambly Trip to the Zoo: San Diego 2016

See Garett and his fambly take a tour of San Diego Zoo, starting with the Skyfari tram ride!
Shot with a GoPro headset during the Memorial Day Weekend in 2016.

SDZoo002 SDZoo001 SDZoo003

Producer, Editor & Host: Garett Weston Thomas
Credit: Tom Sirijaroonchai
Credit: Chelsea Thomas
Credit: Lori Thomas


2016: Zen Dance: Jodoin and Ginkaku-ji Temples

Using his GoPro, see Garett and friends in the midst of their journey to Japan as they visit some temples of Kyoto.

Cast: Sophie Chang, Tom Sirijaroonchai, Garett Weston Thomas
Editor & Producer: Garett Weston Thomas


2015: Raising Hope For Jim

Part of a crowdfunding campaign to help finance the medical and aftercare expenses of my father, Jim Thomas, diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer. Please view, share and donate here:

CrowdFundingDadFineCut2.mp4.Still001 CrowdFundingDadFineCut2.mp4.Still002 CrowdFundingDadFineCut2.mp4.Still003

Writers: Garett Weston Thomas, Chelsea Thomas, Therese Thomas
Editor & Producer: Garett Weston Thomas


2015: Bay to Breakers 2015: T&G Trek to Ocean Beach

Wearing full GoPro headset, the gleeful eleven-mile journey of SF life is captured from Hayes Valley to Ocean Beach, with the Haight and Golden Gate Park along the way.

GOPR0064.MP4.Still001 GOPR0073.MP4.Still001 GOPR0103.MP4.Still001

Producer, Editor & Host: Garett Weston Thomas
Credit: Tom Sirijaroonchai


2013: Down the Rabbit Hole

Ever kept walking down staircases? Ever explored beyond where you thought you weren’t allowed to wander past? Ever filmed the whole process with an iPhone? To three success stories in one: cheers!

Producer & Crew: Garett Weston Thomas.


2013: Urban Hustle

The active business lives of Maggie, a dynamic financial adviser, and Bradley, a quirky delivery man, intertwine one day inside their rhythmic, urban jungle.

Still: Urban Hustle Still: Urban Hustle Still: Urban Hustle

Director & Producer: Garett Weston Thomas
Cast: Sophie Chang, Joe Karam, Alisa Lai, Eric Wu
Crew: Tom Sirijaroonchai, Jim Thomas, Rebecca Richardson, Sarah Khan, Tom Morrow, Sara London, Nick Evans, Alisa Lai, Sophie Chang, Eric Wu, Garett Weston Thomas
Credit: Kira Trinity, Ronni Calvillo, Kay Barg, Cody Simmons, Tom Sirijaroonchai

IMDb: imdb.com/title/tt3250538

2013: Theatrical Showing, July 6, Castro Theatre, San Francisco, Scary Cow Short Film Festival, Round 20
2013: Submission, San Francisco Independent Film Festival
2013: Submission, Cinequest San Jose Film Festival


2012: Arrival of a BART

An homage to the Lumière Brothers, this single shot merges some more modern footage with the old style look from the time period when filmmaking originated.

Producer & Crew: Garett Weston Thomas.


2011: Flight of the BumblebOWLE

A test in using the OWLE Bubo with an iPhone, here’s what the flight of a bumblebee might look like in one’s backyard.

Producer & Crew: Garett Weston Thomas.


2011: Green Monster

Ever witnessed the deconstruction of a green screen during a TV production? See it here, following the Peninsula News, while footage was still being captured during the set strike! PenTV footage from 2010.

Producer & Crew: Garett Weston Thomas.


2011: NOH8: Is It Real Now?

A music video of sorts, this compilation, called NOH8: Is It Real Now?, considers the current American status of gay marriage in 2011, as well as acceptance in general for the LGBT community. Relevant and meaningful, nearly every clip and image shown displays key figures and historical events in the timeline for progression of equal rights.

Coincidentally, less than one week following the completion of this project was the end of America’s Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy.

16 06 05

Editor & Producer: Garett Weston Thomas.


2010: Everyone and Their Mother

Three different people simultaneously tell a story from their life in which they needed help. In a way, they were each visited by the same hero figure by the end.

Created in time for Mother’s Day, and initially released through both Current TV and Peninsula TV.

 Still: Everyone and Their Mother Still: Everyone and Their Mother Still: Everyone and Their Mother

Director & Producer: Garett Weston Thomas.
Cast: Alisa Lai, Shannel Reed, Sarah Smallman.
Crew: Don Jayakody, Garett Weston Thomas.
Credit: Lori Thomas

IMDb: imdb.com/title/tt6492586

2010: Current TV Web Selection (Expired)


2010: The Nightmare

A young woman’s father has recently passed, and she has a surreal nightmare in which she is stalked by a frightening, mysterious man. A twist at the end of the movie reveals that the man, who exists beyond the woman’s dream, is only unknown to the audience.

Still: The Nightmare Still: The Nightmare Still: The Nightmare

Director & Crew: Garett Weston Thomas.
Producer, Crew: A. Veronica Calvillo
Associate Producers: Barbara Kabala and Family, Robert Thomas and Family, Stephen K. Young, Steve Thomas
Cast: Shanez Gountanis, Daniela Jimenez, Jake Retz, David Bennett, Crystal Loutzenhiser, Alisa Sutherland, Athena Arias, Ernestine Hernandez, Leah Priest
Crew: David Bennett, Staci C., Monica Martinez, Cody Kyle, Jake Retz, Bryan Elbert, Christopher Neil Henderson, Andrew Kramer, Stephen K. Young
Credit: Reverend Samuel Gaskins, Daniel Kaupie, Erika Price, Chef Alessio Giannuzzi, Shannon Edwards, Steven Levinson

IMDb: imdb.com/title/tt1772390

2010: Submission, Cinequest San Jose Film Festival


2010: One Shot One Kill Trading

In this sample from a series of web videos for One Shot One Kill Trading, Company President John Netto introduces and describes his company for viewers of their official website. Videos were embedded on the company’s official site.

Crew: Garett Weston Thomas.