2000 – 2009

2009: At the Core

In a time of large urbanization, globalization and industrialization, smaller family-run businesses like Gizdich Ranch in Watsonville, CA, are much rarer. Despite the obscurity of this nostalgic location, it continues to thrive through the sale of its award-winning apple juice and such events as its annual apple butter festival. “At the Core” was initially created for TAT 376: Documentary Making at California State University of Monterey Bay, and later reedited and spiffied up for festival entry.

Still: At the Core Still: At the Core Still: At the Core

Director & Producer: Garett Weston Thomas
Assistant Producer: A. Veronica Calvillo
Cast: Staci C., Vince Gizdich
Crew: A. Veronica Calvillo, Chris Henderson, Staci C., Garett Weston Thomas
Credit: Michael Neverisky

IMDb: imdb.com/title/tt1442006

2009: Submission, Mill Valley Film Festival
2007: Selection, Spring TAPS, CSUMB


2009: Gizdich Ranch TV Commercial

Come to Gizdich Ranch, located in the heart of Watsonville, for the best apple juice in the country! Buy some great juices and pies, or even pick the fruits yourself. Delicious all around!

Producer & Crew: Garett Weston Thomas
Credit: Vince Gizdich


2009: Journey of the Mind

Despite reality taking some turns for the worst, this director’s personal story about epilepsy makes light of the situation through a demonstration of continuing his transportative independence, as well as reflexively maintaining his passion for filmmaking. Throughout his interview, a few panels of neurologists discuss related medicinal and surgical procedures. Original cut made in 2009, and director’s revised cut made in 2011, as well as 5-minute concise edition.

 journey02 garettpinnacles_5x7_300dpi

Director, Producer & Crew: Garett Weston Thomas
Cast: Garett Weston Thomas, Robert S. Fisher, Peter Weber, Lawrence Shuer, Kevin Graber, Brian Alldredge, Bonnie Pamiroyan, Paul Garcia
Credit: Jayne Ham, Neva Nickols-Hirschkorn, Russell Barth, Lori Thomas

IMDb: imdb.com/title/tt1587684

2011: Selected Video, Epilepsy Foundation of Northern California
2011: Submission (Concise Edition), 2011 Neuro Film Festival
2010: Submission, 2010 Big Bear International Film Festival
2010: Submission, different from what? Film Festival


2008: Fort Ord: Doughboy Theater Footage

At the former Fort Ord in Monterey, CA, exist countless military buildings that are abandoned. During a weekend of technical difficulties on another 2006 project at CSUMB, Garett Thomas still happened to have a school camera in his possession. He and his father thus decided to film inside of the Doughboy Theater, one such landmark abandoned building at Fort Ord. Little did they know, the theater itself would be knocked down within the next 6 months! So, to their knowledge, this was some of the last — maybe even THE last — footage ever shot at the Doughboy Theater.

Producer & Crew: Garett Weston Thomas
Credit: Jim Thomas


2008: Lipstick on a Pig? Actually…

In 2008, everyone associated the phrase, “Lipstick on a pig,” with Sarah Palin. But, this phrase might have been more accurate: “Lipstick on an elephant”! Symbolic of Palin’s political party, this clip, posted during the final month before the 2008 Presidential Election, pokes some fun and makes a statement.


Producer & Crew: Garett Weston Thomas


2007: Fat is Not a Four-Letter Word

Starting with a series of data that compare the lives of overweight females to those more fit, a set of interviews is conducted at a university among female students, seeking their opinions on the matter. “Fat is Not a Four-Letter Word” was for Dan Janos’ TAT 339 class at CSUMB, Advanced Video Production, Spring 2007. Previously shown on Current TV.

Producer: Garett Weston Thomas
Director: Mary Morrison
Cast: Mary Morrison, Kylie Denny, Elizabeth Frazer, Amanda Juhl, Jayna Patel
Crew: Ben Carpenter, Mary Morrison, Garett Weston Thomas

2007: Current TV Web Selection (Expired)
2007: Selections, Spring TAPS, CSUMB


2007: Gizdich Ranch: Tour of the Juicery

In this official video from Gizdich Ranch, a tour of their juicery is given, from start to finish of the process of creating their award-winning apple juice.

Producer & Crew: Garett Weston Thomas
Narrator Credit: Vince Gizdich


2007: Gulf Coast Civic Works Project

Nearly two years after Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans and left most of the town’s survivors homeless and jobless, the Gulf Coast Civic Works Project came into existence at San Jose State. Through the connection of CSUMB student Estée Blancher, the opportunity came about to create several Public Service Announcements, in both video and radio formats. The goal of the Gulf Coast Civic Works Project is to create 100,000 jobs for the victimized residents of New Orleans.

I personally had the chance to film such interviewees as Dr. Scott Myers-Lipton, Professor at San Jose State and Organizer of the Gulf Coast Civic Works Project, and Marcus Killgore, a passionately involved student with the project, the morning after their all-night-long campus event: “Poverty Under the Stars”.

Filmed on the campus of San Jose State University. For Steven Levinson’s TAT 399S class, TAT in the Community, at CSU Monterey Bay.

Producers: Estée Blancher, Kimber Neely
Crew: Garett Weston Thomas


2007: Man Facing Nervous Breakdowns

In this parody of specific well-known Hispanic films viewed in class, particularly “Man Facing Southeast” and “Woman on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown,” a man continues to have humorous nervous episodes when he witnesses a woman drop an envelope while walking along a street. For Dr. Maria Zielina’s ’07 SPAN 325 class at CSUMB, Hispanic Cinema.

Director & Producer: Garett Weston Thomas
Cast: Hector Serrato, Vanessa Henry, Garett Weston Thomas
Crew: Hector Serrato, Garett Weston Thomas, Kory Lloyd


2007: Photagrizzly Man

A somewhat parodical take-off on Werner Herzog’s Grizzly Man, this self-portrait project depicts an interest in nature photography, the solitude it brings, and the despair caused from the destruction of this solitude by campus construction and student gaming. Filmed on the badlands of Fort Ord in Monterey. For Dan Janos’ TAT 339 class, Advanced Video Production.

awesome_bark me distant_tripod

Director, Producer & Crew: Garett Weston Thomas


2006: Cannery Row Documentary

See some footage from this short documentary that shows Monterey’s Cannery Row throughout the morning, before and after the tourists appear. Some time is specifically explored within a candle shop there as well. It’s experimental, too, in that there’s no narration; being non-expositional, it’s entirely observational. Filmed for Caitlin Manning’s TAT 376: Documentary Making course.

sunrise-cam crew fish-hopper

Crew: Garett Weston Thomas, A. Veronica Calvillo, Chris Henderson


2006: El Despertamiento

A man explores his humanity and reflects on his life before making some serious existential decisions. Aged intertitles were created for this project.

Director: Samuel Lopez-Downum
Crew: Garett Weston Thomas


2006: The Perfect Lie

Specific visual effects were created for another student’s capstone film project.

Director: Kelsey Bauman
Crew: Garett Weston Thomas


2006: Scenes From Being John Malkovich

An offbeat man tries to date a cunning coworker. Though he works as a puppeteer, his submissiveness toward every little thing she says and does makes her the true puppeteer. Based on the critically-acclaimed film, this project was for J.P. Allen’s Spring ’06 TAT 341 class at CSUMB, Directing for the Camera.

chilis IM003994 IM003997

Director & Producer: Garett Weston Thomas
Cast: Andrew Kramer, Lauren Patron, Kathleena Ramirez, Haila S. Campbell, Evan Hatt, Alisa Lai, Garett Weston Thomas
Crew: Chris Anderson, Mark Townsend, Garett Weston Thomas, Samuel Lopez-Downum, Max Marple, Eric Palmer, RamPaul Silbey, Maria P. Garcia, Lauren Patron, Kathleena Ramirez, Jim Thomas, Stephen K. Young

2006: Selection, Fall MAPS, CSUMB


2006: Thief

A man gets his backpack stolen while in a parking garage, and goes through a series of kung fu fight sequences in order to get it back. This is the first movie Thomas Productions ever produced in widescreen. For Rob Polich’s Spring ’06 TAT 395 class at CSUMB, Live Action Compositing.

reviewscreenplay IM003971 IM003960

Director & Producer: Garett Weston Thomas
Cast: Evan Hatt, Edward Murray
Crew: Garett Weston Thomas, Stephen K. Young, Alisa Lai, Maria P. Garcia, Evan Hatt, Edward Murray, Rob Polich

2006: Selection, Spring TAPS, CSUMB


2005: Abrupt

A married businessman returns home from an out-of-town conference for a surprise. Filmed by students at CSUMB in 2005, though entirely an independent project. Note: Contains brief adult content.

 carousel overpass

Director & Producer: Garett Thomas
Executive Producer: Ira Davis
Assistant Director: Stephen K. Young
Cast: Evan Hatt, Maura M., Andrew Kramer, Pamela Johnson, Edward Murray, Lucas Cooperberg, Maria P. Garcia, Don Jayakody, Stephen K. Young
Crew: Stephen K. Young, Julian Hatt, Maria P. Garcia, Don Jayakody, Amber Bell, Pamela Johnson, Edward Murray, Alexandra Davis, Kristi Lopez, Maura M., Lucas Cooperberg, Evan Hatt, Garett Thomas

IMDb: imdb.com/title/tt7331524

2005: Selection, Spring TAPS, CSUMB


2005: The King Who Rained

A play on homonyms, this short movie visualizes the misinterpretations of a little girl based on things her parents have told her. Began as a class project for Rob Polich’s TAT 315 class (Visual Design), and expanded outward into an independent one. Adapted from children’s book of the same title by Fred Gwynne and shown both at the Fall 2005 TAPS at CSUMB, and downtown in Monterey at the Osio.

umbrella kingwill raincoat

Director & Producer: Garett Weston Thomas
Cast: Lexus Brooke Butler, Genetta Butler, Bret Leduc, “King” Will Olsen, Pamela Johnson
Crew: Stephen K. Young, Alisa Lai, Kathleena Ramirez, Pamela Johnson, Maria P. Garcia, Garett Weston Thomas

IMDb: imdb.com/title/tt6669396

2005: First Theatrical Showing, December 1, Osio Cinema, Monterey, CA (paired with “Three Shorts: Commentary on Society”)
2005: Selection, Fall TAPS, CSUMB


2004: Rage Against the Scenes

In this parodical video, a sarcastic film professor must deal with a repeatedly late student, Harrah Sandy. Filled with in-class in-jokes. Filmed on mini DV in CSUMB’s TAT Studio for Steven Levinson’s TAT 337 class, Intro to TV/Video.


Director & Producer: Garett Weston Thomas
Cast: Matthew Morey, Erik Mowinckel, Kelsey Bauman, Amber Bell, Alexander Bonilla, Mike Gonzalez, Alicia Gregory, Brandon Mikulka, James Piña
Crew: Garett Weston Thomas, Mark Townsend, Brandon Mikulka, Kelsey Bauman, Mandy Herrington, Juan Figueroa, Kimathi Hill, RamPaul Silbey, Steven Levinson

2004: Selection, Fall TAPS, CSUMB


2003: The ‘Nuther-Time Wheel

Named after lyrics within the song Deja Vu by CSNY, “The ‘Nuther-time Wheel” is a fictitious invention created for Gilbert Neri’s “Ways of Seeing” class at CSUMB. This invention allows people to “correct” their mistakes in a way that involves traveling through wormholes, although the specifics of this technique are not known as this product has never been tested! Such facts are quickly relayed within this satirical informercial, which bases its ridicule not only on infomercials themselves, but also on such random elements as names of pop stars and gasoline prices.

Director & Producer: Garett Weston Thomas
Cast: Carey Yoshizumi, Melinda Cruz, Garett Weston Thomas and Shannon Lamb


2003: Three Shorts: Commentary on Society

Within our present society, there are many faults, including racism, poverty, war, drug addiction, prostitution, and pollution. All such faults were created by humans. Through two music videos and a documentary, this film hopes to expose these faults, suggest that a society void of them might be an impossible utopia, and demonstrate how improving aspects of the current society through actual community service is at least one tangible step forward.

allActorsOnSet theBottle inTheGhetto

Director & Producer: Garett Thomas
Cast & Crew: Ian Ames, Gina Boyer, Laura Burge, Chris Curran, Andrew Dei Rossi, Nick Dei Rossi, Kim Grisham, Allie Garcia, Alex Hume, Amanda Hume, Nic Kent, Eric Klopfenstein, Lancelote Leong, Robin Lerche, Raymond Lo, Adam Mariscal, Rachelle McCabe, Jonathan Slakey, Jocelyn Shratter, Jeremy Schwartzbord, Garett Thomas, Kristina Will
Credit: Annette Caves, Richard Shearing, Jim Thomas

IMDb: imdb.com/title/tt4690868

2005: First Theatrical Showing, December 1, Osio Cinema, Monterey, CA (paired with “The King Who Rained”)


2002-2003: The 4th and 5th Annual Month Awards Presentations

The Monty Awards are an annual event at Carlmont High School that honors performers and techies within the school year’s fall play and spring musical. For the 4th Annual Year in 2002, those respectively were “Play It Again, Sam!” and “The Sound of Music.” 2003 or the 5th Annual Year, those were “The Boys Next Door” and “As You Like It.”

Producer & Crew: Garett Weston Thomas

2002: Brave New World

“Brave New World” examines the futuristic London dystopia envisioned in Aldous Huxley’s novel, in which much of the upper-class citizens suppress their feelings with medication known as “soma” and do not comprehend the terms “mother” and “father”. When John, a character who was still raised by parents, enters society, his influences on the redefined civilization reach a turning point. Created in tandem with additional theatrical classroom performances. For Ms. Wallace’s A.S. English III class at Carlmont High School in Belmont, CA.

This and “Judgment Day” were the final projects of Thomas Productions before the rolling blackouts of 2003, and was the first fully re-edited from old Hi-8mm footage, revitalized in HD.

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 8.24.33 PM Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 8.28.04 PM Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 8.33.49 PM

Cast & Crew: Ian Ames, Sarah Caves, Dave Guarino, Garett Weston Thomas

IMDb: imdb.com/title/tt7542004


2002: Judgment Day

“Judgment Day” follows a young man on his way to his girlfriend’s birthday party. As details are gradually revealed, his innocence is questioned, and hence is his safety. This short video won 2nd place in the San Jose, CA, Chapter of the 2002 Backyard National Children’s Film Festival, High School Level.

Director, Producer & Crew: Garett Weston Thomas
Cast: Jonathan Slakey, Laura Burge, Jocelyn Shratter, Kristina Will, Jon Jelenko, Joshua McFall
Crew: Lori Thomas

2002: 2nd Place, Backyard National Children’s Film Festival, San Jose Chapter


2001: Carlmont High School Segment: Peninsula Quiz Kids

Piece reflecting the daily lives of students at Carlmont High School. Filmed and edited as a high school student, and submitted to PenTV for airing on the game show, “Peninsula Quiz Kids”. Segment created in 2001 and used multiple times; clip from 2003. New link for the school: http://carlmonths.org/

Videographer & Editor: Garett Weston Thomas
Producer: Patricia Braunstein


2001: Macbeth: Act 1

King Claudius, Macbeth, the Witches, and other characters from Shakespeare’s play are depicted for Ms. Reynolds’s A.S. English II Class at Carlmont High School. Five groups of students were put together for the class, each of them having to somehow perform one the acts of Macbeth; this was my group’s performance, entirely filmed in one day!

Director & Producer: Garett Weston Thomas
Cast: Ian Ames, Anne-Marie Becker, Rebecca Bengle, Allie Garcia, Erin Lewis, Caitlin Pond, Nikki Schepis, Chelsea Thomas, Garett Weston Thomas.
Peggy Petras-Ames


2001: Macbeth and the Crusades

Macbeth humorously journeys through our modern world, still speaking in Shakespearean English, to start the Crusades. Amidst his journey, historical facts are presented in result of much research.

Originally completed in one week’s time for Mrs. Braunstein’s Western Civilization class at Carlmont High School in 2000, this “Macbeth and the Crusades” version was later re-edited for festival entry. Winner: Third Place, 2001 Backyard National Children’s Film Festival, High School Level, San Jose Chapter.

Director & Producer: Garett Weston Thomas
Cast: Jonathan Slakey, Lauren Rodgers, Jeremy Schwartzbord, Garett Weston Thomas.
Crew: Lori Thomas

2001: 3rd Place, Backyard National Children’s Film Festival, San Jose Chapter


2001: Mother

Based on a chapter from Sherwood Anderson’s novel, Winesburg, Ohio, a small Winesburg hotel is run by a family consisting of three members, two of which are both “grotesque” and unaware of being so. Both funny and serious, this piece contains one of the most complex storylines from Thomas Productions to date.

Originally created for Ms. Wallace’s A.S. English III class, Carlmont High School in ’01.

Director & Producer: Garett Weston Thomas
Cast and Crew: Mary Leman, Ian Ames, Caitlin Harrington, Jeremy Schwartzbord, Garett Weston Thomas.

2002: Guest Filmmaker Status, Backyard National Children’s Film Festival, High School Level, San Jose Chapter


2000: The Last Kiss

A heart surgery patient risks his life at all costs to pursue his lover, demonstrating that love is very powerful and not even death can stop its forces. An independent student video production, this was a National Finalist in the 2000 National Children’s Film Festival, High School Level, and earned the Creative Excellence Award in the San Jose, CA, Chapter of the festival.

Director & Producer: Garett Weston Thomas
Cast: Ian Ames, Jocelyn Sia, Allie Garcia, Alex Elward, Robin Lerche, Andrea von Emster
Crew: Garett Weston Thomas, Alex Elward, Robin Lerche, Andrea von Emster, Matt Roseman, Caitlin Pond, Lancelote Leong, Eric Klopfenstein, Mike Mariscal, Elaine Armstrong

IMDb: imdb.com/title/tt0446384

2000: National Finalist, National Children’s Film Festival
2000: Creative Excellence Award, National Children’s Film Festival, San Jose Chapter


2000: Shakespeare’s Sonnet 12 / Parisian Hill

Each line of Shakespeare’s Sonnet Twelve, complete in the original iambic pentameter, is visually interpreted in various forms, including 2D and 3D animation. An added bonus at the end is a parodical take on a scene from Armageddon. For Mr. Hill’s 2000 A.S. English I Class at Carlmont High School.

Director & Producer: Garett Weston Thomas
Cast and Crew: Eric Klopfenstein, Raymond Lo, Garett Weston Thomas