1990 – 1999

1999: The Dog of Pompeii

Tito, a blind orphan, and his dog, Zeus, experience the devastating 79 A.D. eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Based on the short story by Louis Untermeyer. National Finalist in the National Children’s Film Festival, 1999.

dog-of-pompeii_still dogofpompeii_earlysketches-gt DogOfPompeii_Poster300dpi

Director & Producer: Garett Weston Thomas
Cast: Andrew Volkert, Allie Garcia, Ali Steele, Eric Gross, Shane Keane, Heather Roth, Pascha Marlin, Kim Grisham, Robin Lise-Nielsen, Dominic Sagolla, Xena Thomas (Dog)
Crew: Garett Weston Thomas, Jim Thomas, Jo Volkert, Susan Gross, Dominic Sagolla, Allie Garcia, Andrew Volkert, Nick Dei Rossi, Andrew Dei Rossi, Shane Keane, Pascha Marlin, Kay Barg, Bill Mitchell

IMDb: imdb.com/title/tt0457568

1999: National Finalist, National Children’s Film Festival
1999: Media Fair Selection, Carlmont High School Open House


1999: The Trouble

Furniture moves, dishes shatter, papers fly and bottles pop… All by themselves. Why are these occurrences happening to four college roommates? And, why could they themselves actually be responsible? Witness their journey firsthand, and see how it could even happen to you. Based on the short story by Alvin Schwartz.

Director, Producer & Crew: Garett Weston Thomas
Cast: Shane Keane, Danielle Belli, Allie Garcia, Garett Weston Thomas, Joshua McFall, Maureen Ashiku, Andrew Dei Rossi, Caitlin Pond


1998: Medieval Air

Part of a much larger school project designed to demonstrate a summarization of the knowledge gained from a unit on Medieval Europe, a group of 7th grade students designed a time travel agency, Medieval Air, to take passengers back in time to actually experience history, literally right on schedule! For Mrs. Britt’s Core class at Central Middle School.

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Director & Producer: Garett Weston Thomas
Cast & Crew: Andrew Dei Rossi, Amanda Parks, Shane Keane, Garett Weston Thomas.

1998: Honorable Mention, National Children’s Film Festival, San Jose Chapter

BuzzFeed Article: buzzfeed.com/leonoraepstein/medieval-air-is-the-cutest-1998-class-project


1997: My Teachers Are Aliens

Three middle school students become curious when all of their teachers unnaturally host a meeting in the computer lab. What they find out from investigating is rather shocking… This 6th grade project, initially edited on VCRs, was one of the very first movies for Thomas Productions. Created for Kay Barg’s Video Production class at Central Middle School.

MyTeachersAreAliens_Dad1997 myteachersarealiens-hqdefault

Director & Producer: Garett Weston Thomas
Cast: Amanda Parks, Nicole Disney, Vince Bona, Kay Barg, Kay Gravdahl, Jill Grech, Jill Hagerty, Michelle Larsen, Vicci Mueller, Marjorie Trainer
Crew: Jason Wright, Jim Thomas

IMDb: imdb.com/title/tt1922666

1998: Honorable Mention, National Children’s Film Festival, San Jose CA Chapter
1998: Media Fair Selection, Carlmont High School Open House


1997: Tons of Sugar Cereal Commercial

In this parodical commercial, a kid complains that regular cereals taste like cardboard, and then finds one that better suits his needs. He is then shown later that same day, when his teacher must put up with his resultant sugar high. This is the very first Thomas Productions project, entirely edited on VCRs. For Kay Barg’s 1997 Video Production Class at Central Middle School.

Director & Producer: Garett Weston Thomas
Cast: Nick M., Jill Grech