Point Shoot n Eat – 110 – The Shape of the Mind in 4K!

Host Garett Weston Thomas discusses the widest range of topics yet in this vlog entry, first for 2018, on a rainbow spectrum ranging from epileptic status and fried chicken to LGBT indies and the #MeToo movement to the 90th Academy Awards and The Three Amigos. First “Point Shoot ‘n’ Eat” released in 4K! Also took Read More …

100th Post: Point Shoot ‘n’ Eat – 109 – Big Apple Eating

For our 100th blog post: It’s our newest Point Shoot ‘n’ Eat from New York with Garett Thomas, sharing the many fine dining restaurants, bars and cafés he’s visited during his mini Manhattan vacation! Parkside yearnings. #elevenmadisonpark #firstbites #catan #mayfair #clams #fennel #cheesecake #caviar #pickles #sturgeon #tilefish #parsnipribbons #pumpkin #charliebrown #agedveal #appleciderdoughnut #multicourse #winepairing #vacation Read More …

September Song: IMDb Housekeeping (Do You Remember…)

Whilst not much text is for description in this posting, there are many more IMDb links available now to click for Thomas Productions/directorG Media movies/vlog episodes, with [more and more] pictures associated — and how! Enjoy below: Three Shorts: Commentary on Society http://imdb.com/title/tt4690868 Point Shoot ‘n’ Eat (web series) http://imdb.com/title/tt7316734 Abrupt http://imdb.com/title/tt7331524 8 Minutes http://imdb.com/title/tt6343648 Read More …

Point Shoot ‘n’ Eat – 107 – Heat Snobs & Chopsticks

In this latest vlog episode, Garett talks about an upcoming trip back to Thailand, previous restaurants he’s visited there, plus issues and preferences regarding chopsticks vs. silverware. Released April 30, 2017. See more vlog episodes at http://directorG.com/pointshootneat

Point Shoot ‘n’ Eat – 106 – La La Moon Leader

In this latest vlog episode, Garett talks about potential 89th Academy Award nominees, connects who might win because of previous non-winners logic, plus a chat about High Speed Rail. Full vlog here: http://directorG.com/pointshootneat

Point Shoot ‘n’ Eat – 105 – Travel Eats from Seattle & Monterey

Hear all about two recent culinary minivaca trips in Seattle and Monterey, see foodie pics from Yelp and Instagram, plus other random deets from the perspective of Garett Thomas, SF Indie Filmmaker. See full vlog at link below: http://directorG.com/point-shoot-n-eat

Demo Reel 2016: Garett Weston Thomas

Producer • Director • Editor • Graphic Artist http://directorG.com • garett.thomas@gmail.com   Works Sampled: Talking Movies with PenTV – 105 – https://vimeo.com/152790389 Urban Hustle – https://vimeo.com/72798511 Gulf Coast Civic Works Project – https://vimeo.com/76618348 NOH8: Is It Real Now? – https://youtu.be/uIZYiuIJtZ8 PenTV Morning Lineup – https://vimeo.com/138362694 The King Who Rained – https://youtu.be/kGVluL6LsVo Pen Voice – 219 Read More …

Point Shoot ‘n’ Eat: Multicourse Home Meal

Enjoy all portions of our multicourse weekend lunch, prepared at home with some good friends. Witness a smoking gun and edible flowers, among other things! Hosted by Garett Thomas. Recorded 4.24.2016.   View more info here: http://directorG.com/point-shoot-n-eat

Point Shoot ‘n’ Eat: Academy Awards Preview for 02.28.2016

See my latest vlog entry, taped on a GoPro! I discuss the upcoming Academy Awards, who might win and why, plus touch on how Host Chris Rock will handle #OscarsSoWhite. Seen 7 out of 8 Best Pic nominees now (all but Brooklyn at this point — just one to go!). Viewed The Revenant twice… Hosted Read More …