Thomas Productions was created by Garett Weston Thomas in 1997, while he was still an adolescent. It has become an award-winning movie production company from Northern California, with more than 50 original or adapted short movies directed, edited and/or produced through their title. This website is their showcase.

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UrbanHustle_PosterProgress300dpi_v5 DogOfPompeii_Poster300dpi

Moreover, Mr. Thomas created this site in hopes of restoring and preserving as many former videos digitally that remained following the rolling blackouts of 2003, which destroyed his first 25 master videos. He plans to continue restoring old videos for future audiences to see. Each movie decade on this site maintains all previous, current and future online videos recovered from initial release year.


This site only serves for the publicly released videos of Thomas Productions, and currently does not include our more private videos (i.e. weddings). Enjoy!