Life Post Parkland Slash Columbine

So… Is anybody else amazed that it’s essentially been 20 years since “Medieval Air” was released in ’98?? Well, not entirely — that would officially come this fall — however, this middle school video by Garett Thomas started off so many things, you really have no idea if you’re just reading your first blog post now.

Sour note time starts now: were you conscious of the Parkland incident? Were you really cognizant the Columbine massacre also occurred 20 years ago? Why were events like Aurora and Newtown irrelevant before this?

I can honestly say I’m extremely proud to be categorized as a Millennial now, with the latest sophisticated uprisings going on of late, headlined by Emma González and David Hogg, still seniors at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida. Their recent nationalized #MarchForOurLives event was astonishing.

I am particularly fond of how certain celebrities are reacting to the whole mess of cards, with the art of Jim Carrey being nothing less than radical and brilliant. It’s so much more than just grass on a hillside.

The thing is, to reiterate, our country has been enduring tragic gun massacres for a very long time now, most of which seem easily preventable, and most of which seem to incorporate usage of an AR-15.

More and more celebrities would make various calls to action, be it speaking out in public, participation in PSAs and more.

This clip from “Bowling for Columbine” still hits home for me. Marilyn Manson is relatable in every way, so human.

Ultimately, the path has just begun. I’m glad the first steps have been taken.