One Degree of Kevin Bacon

These CSU Monterey Bay connections, very much in notes/draft format, show just a few of the colleagues I attended and graduated from my university with, on their path to the limelight:


Ram Paul Silbey ==> 2nd Assistant Director, “Get Out” ==> Jordan Peele

DGA Nomination!

Participated in 2 productions: “Rage Against the Scenes” and “Scenes from Being John Malkovich”


Robert Machoian Graham & Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck ==> “God Bless the Child,” “Forty Years from Yesterday,” “Charlie and the Rabbit,” others

Sundance Film Festival! Independent Spirit Awards!


Adam & Kyle Newacheck ==> Directors, “Workaholics” ==> TV Show on Comedy Central, others


Michael Leslie ==> Team Videographer, Golden State Warriors

John Charter ==> “Lowlight: Wake,” “Old Soul,” others

Participated in 1 production: “The Grocery List”