Give Them What They Want – Talking Movies in 4K – 107 for 90th Academy Awards


So, ever heard of Patreon? It’s a platform to contribute to online videographers like myself! We can start there:

IMG_0828 IMG_0834

Now, onto the better stuff — it’s our latest Talking Movies episode, the first ever in 4K, also the first episode to air on PenTV ever filmed in 4K, all of which was filmed using my personal equipment. *ALSO* the first PenTV show to utilize Adobe Character Animator a la The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. …and *FINALLY*, the first to discuss this year’s Academy Award Nominees for Best Picture!

Do hope you like this year’s exercise, and please feel free to venture on over to our Patreon site above — in fact, here’s our solo bumper for that as well:

Tune in March 4th to the 90th Academy Awards for the results!