NGNG 17: Haddish Stulbarg Baker


It’s a last minute rush until the super-duper-early nominations are official on Tuesday! Here are my no-guts-no-glory nominations, plus a few extras:

3. Sean Baker, Director – THE FLORIDA PROJECT

This indie director may have certain unconventional methods to his construction, but have you seen Tangerine? I still can’t get over how that was shot entirely with an iPhone 5s. And now, he’s working with Willem Dafoe, and has earned Best Director nods for this project at such large festivals as New York.


2. Michael Stuhlbarg, Supporting Actor – CALL ME BY YOUR NAME

A very poignant scene from this versatile actor is given toward the end of this film, which really makes you reevaluate certain character relationships throughout its plotline. It brings an added bump to an already overwhelming film about familial acceptance, even in an affluent Italian 1980s community.


1. Tiffany Haddish, Supporting Actress – GIRLS TRIP

This is on my watch list to see because of — you guessed it — Jordan Peele. His “Keanu” put her in the spotlight, and she continues to make noise. Sweet, sweet sounds, Ms. Haddish!

Be sure to check out our Talking Movies episode soon in 4K, and watch tomorrow’s live Oscar Nominations below, to be read by both Tiffany Haddish and Andy Serkis: