Call Me “Mudbound-Tonya Lady Bird Project 2049” in the Shape of Dunkirk, Missouri


OK, folks, our awards season bash has kicked off, and we’re at least three festivals into it so far: The National Board of Review, the New York Film Critics’ Circle, and the Los Angeles Film Critics’ Association.

Starting with the NBR, they even unveiled a top ten list.

In this mind bending complex that is filmmaking, everything is very subjective, so when there becomes an alignment among critics groups with the same choice, it displays promise.


Such promise so far has existed for Willem DaFoe, Supporting Actor in Sean Baker’s “The Florida Project.” Won at all three of these.

It’s also a year of the women, with “Lady Bird,” “Mudbound” and “The Beguiled” coming strong, all from female directors, especially LB from Greta Gerwig.

I’m particularly impressed with Johnny Greenwood’s win today — his outstanding work ten years ago for scoring “There Will Be Blood” shall not go unnoticed.

BR2049 2017

Who will be the ultimate winner in this long string of festivals? Hard to say yet, but my predictions so far this year were on the nose! Golden Globe noms right around the bend…

Knew I left off Indie Spirit Noms! Well, it’s four now!

And of course, keep viewing (and making) indie films!

90 days until #Oscars90! Now at an earlier time: March 4 at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT.

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