Reminiscing Kaiseki Thanksgiving in Japan

If you can believe Trump is [still] in office, you might believe anything (thus, “fake news”…). Welp, let’s avoid that ugly topic today. Part of coping (though unintended) was a trip last year to three main cities of Japan mid-November: to Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. Goodness gracious, if you have a passport and/or ever get the travel bug, please drop everything and leave now!

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Largely utilizing AirBnB as our method of staying anywhere, it was a fantastic cultural learning experience for the three of us, about to experience a “friendsgiving” outside the United States.

Already huge fans of Japanese food, with sushi and okonomiyaki under our belt, we felt “well-prepped” for any eating situation that would come our way. We’d even heard about the potentially poisonous fuku pufferfish, and would have a fantastic encounter in Osaka with getting to consume it.


How did we get about between these spots, you might ask? That’s where the best part, in my opinion, comes in: HIGH SPEED RAIL. Holy guacamole, the Shinkansen is on time, on the dot, ALWAYS. That machine is so fast, you literally get pushed back in your seat.

Distances traveled between Tokyo and Kyoto are much farther than I might have initially thought — it’s equivalent to about San Francisco to Los Angeles, roughly 400 miles. Glad we headed toward Kyoto when we did, too, because there was an earthquake in Tokyo the next day!

Back to the food, we really weren’t prepared for the food — in a sense. I mean, we were certainly ready to eat, but the quality of the sushi over there is infinitely better than here in America — even in San Francisco. It really comes down to when certain items need to get frozen and for how long — you can taste that, and/or chew that. Simply superior there, for squid especially.


Barely touching on the activities we got to do: visit numerous temples, be served Kaiseki at a spa, go on several walking adventures, try so many types of food, and of course, karaoke!


Peace be with you — you only live once, remember! Happy Thanksgiving! See our GoPro video from the trip:

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