One Year and 8 Minutes


It doesn’t seem real, and it’s already now just past a year since “8 Minutes” debuted to the public. I was and still am particularly proud of its editing style, meshing together three music songs to convey an evolving history of the earth, a sped up lifespan and one outlook at 5 billion years ahead, all condensed into the amount of time it takes light to reach our planet.

I particularly liked to shine a spotlight on many of the historical figures that either propelled our scientific advancements and/or enhanced our cultural creative well-being. Whether it be such astound folks as Galileo, artists as Frida Kahlo, or even such astronauts as Mae Jemison and Sally Ride, they all were deemed consideration-worthy for entry by yours truly among my “8 Minutes” piece.

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I’m oddly now thinking tangentially with Galileo in my mind about the Queen film to debut in due time… With Rami Malek in Freddie Mercury’s role… Another blog.

So sometimes The Sun launches a BILLION TONS of plasma into space at over a MILLION MILES per hour. It's known as Coronal Mass Ejections or CME's. It can happen multiple times a day when the sun is really active, but when it's less active it only happens once every five days. We don't know exactly what causes CME's but we do know the sun's magnetic field plays a huge role. The sun isn't a solid so whenever there's turbulence, its magnetic field is twisted and it kinks, snapping the magnetic field, which shoots plasma into space. Usually it doesn't end up anywhere near earth, but when it does, it causes a geomagnetic storm. This exposes earth to deadly cosmic radiation, luckily our atmosphere protects us, astronauts in space would still get a heavy dose of radiation. It also messes with satellites, power grids, and communication, etc. In 1989 there was a CME which reached earth and 6 million people had no electricity/power for nine hours. Also If you had a jet that traveled as fast as these ejections, you would get from LA to NYC in 18 seconds.. Tag friends that need to read 🙌🚀 Video: © NASA #Repost @space #space #nasa #stars #galaxy #universe #science #cool #neildegrassetyson

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Then again, without stream-of-consciousness thinking, Woolfian style, humanity’s ability to craft ideas could not be anywhere close to now. That’s precisely why I include artistic figures with scientifically relevant ones — our culture gets enriched with all of them.

With that, once again, I give you, “8 Minutes”:

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