Not Fake News: Re-releasing “Brave New World” the 1st Time!

“…[I]t isn’t only art that’s incompatible with happiness — it’s also science. Science is dangerous. We have to keep it most carefully chained and muzzled.”

While that line almost sounds right out of daily dialogue from current POTUS, it contains adjectives perhaps too complex for that to typically occur. Instead, it is a line from a short film I directed as a high school junior in 2002, based on the novel, “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley. Spoken by Mustafa Mond, a world controller that believes in sacrifice and behavioural conditioning, I can certainly understand the comparison.

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“Brave New World” examines the futuristic London dystopia envisioned in Aldous Huxley’s novel, in which much of the upper-class citizens suppress their feelings with medication known as “soma” and do not comprehend the terms “mother” and “father”. When John, a character who was still raised by parents, enters society, his influences on the redefined civilization reach a turning point.

Other great dystopian examinations — novels and films among them — would definitely include “Nineteen Eighty-Four,” “Fahrenheit 451,” “Blade Runner,” “WALL-E,” “The Matrix,” “The Giver” and “Idiocracy,” to name but a few. An antonym of utopia, a dystopia specifically translates to be a “not-good place,” and describes a community/society considered undesirable/frightening.

Here’s to hoping our current nation can return soon to a more normal state, with the dystopian dotard in the far distance. Here’s my re-edit of “Brave New World,” which took 15 years to occur since its origin in 2002, when all master digital files were destroyed during the rolling bay area blackouts of 2003. That itself was another dystopia, and half my life passed before I could fully [re]close this book chapter. Next up to recover might be “Whodunit”. Onward and upward.

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