What’s My Motivation, Pt. 3

Okay, so this is an ongoing thread, nice. There’s quite a bit that it can still expand to, which is great. I’ll [try to] be brief, and start with “Penny Pincher,” my latest labor of love. Almost nothing can go public about that yet, except that it’s the first full 4K short from Thomas Productions / directorG Media, and we’re utilizing Adobe Character Animator to do it.

They actually give great tips every month (sometimes more often!) on YouTube, which is great, when the folks that work in that part of the Adobe office are NOT in SF/SJ — they’re up in Seattle. Dave Werner supplies great video tutorials, and here’s one of the most recent. Very useful method of information absorption.

By absorbing so much information, that probably caused me to need to become a filmmaker/artist/expresser-of-thoughts — in a sense, I am the thought calculator; one plugs the new thought into my brain for processing and interpretation, and then my rendition gets created in result. Can be a movie, a photograph, a music composition, or even a witty line of dialogue.

An oft-under-appreciated film that needs to be recognized beyond just as a cult-classic is “Clue” (1985). Filled with more witty lines than are countable, and with an ’80s cast superb of the Brat Pack, it’s more of an whodunit-institution than just “cult” film nowadays.

Ultimately, one must remember the past well — maintain it in order to be capable of progress. How would one know they have moved forward if one does not know they have gotten there? Whether one might be utilizing photographic assistance for specific events, realizing that societal norms were never needed to begin with, or even pondering the meaning of life itself, just recognize the power of photography, what in a moment it captures, and that time will keep changing beyond the still frame, with life in as much or little control as you’ve got a grasp of.

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