From Winesburg, Ohio: Mother!


Yeaaah, so high school and college were my biggest creative movie outlets, even extracurricularly. If only I’d known how little free time would exist as an adult…

One day, along came the Sherwood Anderson novel filled with grotesque characters, Winesburg, Ohio. My high school class group was assigned to satirically recreate a chapter out of it, and so we chose a chapter whose name seems all-too-publicized when taken out of context thanks to Aronofsky, JLaw et. al.: Mother!

Well, we had our fun, filming our first high school project with a dolly and choreographed dance sequence. Even a few visual effects to boot.

Only upon writing this blog would I learn that another feature length piece actually had been created based upon the Sherwood Anderson novel. L’Ebert even selected it among his Top 10 Art favorites in the year 2010: “Chicago Heights” / “The Last Soul on a Summer Night”.

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