Living Out Loud


Some days, you’re tirelessly overthinking things when all of a sudden, a spark happens. Magic. Out of thin air.

These “sparks” of creativity are what lead to great filmmaking. I find it best to let the characters get fully realized even in short moments, but scenes with no dialogue is key.

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It can also be useful from a behind the scenes standpoint to mark up the screenplay such that you can visualize where each specific shot will occur, and if spoken audio will occur per shot.

I’ve determined that in order to live my life as I do, in part as an indie filmmaker, it was also important to be capable of 4K output technology. I’ve never shot on actual film, although I very much appreciate the efforts of Christopher Nolan.

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Beyond that, it just all goes back to the documentary and life itself. Whether it’s social commentary on a political climate or a reflexive look at overcoming disabilities, I can say my foot is in the game, and it’s here to stay.