The Big Short — Formerly Blair

A predicted bubble collapse by a small few from the countless many on greedy Wall Street — here’s our basis for The Big Short. Oscar-worthy, yes, but the goal here is to relate it to current events, and even connect it to seemingly unrelated films.

Blair Witch Project

In one way, it’s storyline was literally about raking it in. Another film that did this via its independent release was The Blair Witch Project, back in 1999. It is widely known for its shaky camera movements, often criticized for them, but it stands out for a small budget of $60,000 with an earnings of $240M. Astounding — no wonder Blair Witch sequels continue to be made as recently as last year!

It’s all a gamble, of course, like life itself. So long as your position doesn’t leave you on the tarmac from a motorcade, you might be okay.

More importantly, though, is the concept of staying real. We thought we’ve been here before. Use real facts — science and logic — to arrive at your conclusion as evidence. Movies, television and other media are one of the greatest artistic forms of expression, but unless a particular clip counts as “raw footage,” untouched, then your edited clip possibly counts as being biased. Somebody edited it to their liking, removing, restructuring and/or juxtaposing certain moments amongst other ones that may not have occurred simultaneously.


Not to give an Editing 101 course, but in this era of Alternative Facts, Blair Witch or otherwise, it is more imperative than ever to learn all of your materials, and surround yourself with those that do the same.