The Push to Come Out

By a certain age, there is such a thing as “too much,” passing a limit. Without belaboring the point, these clips largely helped me peacefully come out. I know many out there are not lucky enough to encounter this occasion, and I can only look back on what lead to this moment with happiness and glee. The final straw was this next short, “What Homosexuality Is Not”:

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I am definitely aware that in order to make it “feel possible” to achieve my status, it took making several adjustments over the years. Whether that included daily inclusions of watching Rachel Maddow on MSNBC, watching the “Saved!” film, or other such “subtle” LGBTQ attributes into the daily family life, I strongly believe it helped clear the path.

Dan Savage is also a great LGBT role model, both for political commentary and for his It Gets Better project. There are a ton more, too, ranging from Jane Lynch and Cleve Jones to Alan Turing and Sally Ride. Ellen DeGeneres. Harvey Milk. The list goes on and on.