Four Years Since an Urban Hustle


It is startling that four years have already since passed when our “Urban Hustle” short premiered on the big screen at the Castro Theatre here in San Francisco July 6, 2013, via Scary Cow. That was quite an honor, a challenge and a hustle in itself which was overshadowed to this day by an unforeseen tragic event about to occur the same day affecting much of incoming traffic to the city: Asiana SFO flight crash.

I remember when heading toward the Castro Theatre via MUNI with a few others that I had started to hear news of a possible plane crash via unconfirmed radio and twitter sources, but nothing was solidified yet. All three of my immediate family members would be coming out to SF for this premiere that day: Dad, Mom and Sis, each from different spots. This worried the heck out of me.


Soon, I saw my Dad near the Castro Theatre and learned he was fine. I’d see my sister in due time, too. My mother’s flight, however, got diverted to Oakland due to the Asiana crash. Got to see her eventually, although after my movie was projected. By that point, it didn’t matter anymore. Was simply glad my family was safe.


There are some terrible disaster movie bombs — Sharknado, The Happening and Meteor among them — but when a truly terrible disaster occurs, you can only be grateful you did not happen to be part of it.

View “Urban Hustle” here: