What’s My Motivation, Pt. 2

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Yes was my response, when he popped the question this past Pride weekend. You can only imagine how much exhilaration is running through my veins from then on. More on that later…


So, this site is primarily purposed to be my independent filmmaking site, and I decided I’d see what evolved from that. I’m enjoying very much this blog media outlet to express opinions and the like beyond “merely” creating my own videos — also getting to write out thoughts in a stream of consciousness format, and apply related media to that.

One stellar media example is Director Edgar Wright. Still relatively young — everyone is when compared to Damien Chazelle — Wright’s films have been charismatic and knock-your-socks-off hysterical every single time I’ve viewed them. His newest picture is about to be released this week: “Baby Driver.”

Adding color and spice to fifty shades of grey… #sf #pride #flags #lgbt

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In the same way that Wright’s creative touch enlivens a cinema-plex, I was also looking for something. For someone. Enlivening with creative touch. Can check that off the bucket list!

The first Wright film I ever saw — still theatrically — was “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.” I really wasn’t expecting much, and I got something so much greater than I was expecting. Awesome storyline, even involving several unexpected LGBT themes, plus some kick-ass visuals and a soundtrack that was in part due to Composer Steven Price (who’s on board again for “Baby Driver” BTW).


I know I am more determined than ever before — now that I’m living in a community filled with so many others like me and we can band together with strength and unity, especially now that my couplehood has elevated its status — to utilize multiple aspects of media distribution to continue getting word out for protecting and maintaining human rights. In three years, we now have marched on Market Street twice.

And, just the same, I leave you with Wright’s “Hot Fuzz,” hands down, easily one of the funniest films I have ever viewed, with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.