Pride, Pulse and the Resist Movement

It’s no secret that our country is beyond unnerved at the moment, in constant “Twitter panic,” to say the least. We’re about to hit the one-year anniversary of the Orlando massacre at the Pulse Nightclub, where 49 LGBT people were slain and countless more lives were changed forever.

Still, this was and is during Pride month, whether or not Tweeto Cheeto declares it to be:

I want to zero in on how it’s more prevalent this year that a resist movement has started since Day 1 of Drumpf’s campaign. There was huge progress during our previous president’s 8-year run for LGBT rights, and now we, one of many minority groups in America, are witnessing the destruction of what took so long to peacefully assemble.


We’d like to stay on the side of history with the Paris Agreement — states like California are doing fantastic.

Prop 8 several years ago was quite the hot topic, and this Funny or Die musical clip explains it so well, even though at that point, the Supreme Court had not even been introduced to Obergefell, for eventual national ruling for legalization. It’s also why my NOH8 video was so relevant in the moment, for 2011:

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