Stimulate the Mind with Music Therapy


Okay, there are numerous elements that composed this blog, so to speak. What likely led to it was attending this past weekend’s CURE Epilepsy Conference in Mission Bay for the Day of Science, to hear the latest updates from several world renowned neurologists as panelists. One of them, Robert Fisher, actually participated previously with my last personal documentary on the matter, eight years ago: Journey of the Mind. (All other panelists: Adam L. Numis; Brenda Porter; Emily Spelbrink. Moderator: Dan Lowenstein.)

This leads to concepts of stress reduction and seizure prevention. Outright, there apparently have been studies claiming one particular ambient/classical song stimulates the ming above all others to help one relax and reduce their level of anxiety. While I do not necessarily believe one works absolutely above the rest, it can be our starting point:

Marconi Union – Weightless

Again, this leads me to other instrumental songs — stories, even. Songs do not need lyrics to tell a tale, and that is why these next two work so well:

Ulrich Schnauss – Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (Remix)

Thomas Newman – American Beauty

Hans Zimmer – Inception at Coachella

By now, we’ve reached the point that music is not just telling a tale, but perhaps is also — or perhaps instead — emoting energies and rhythms in hypnotic shoegaze and downtempo. Electronica begins as well…

Aphex Twin – Blue Calx

Bonobo – No Reason (feat. Nick Murphy)

dZihan & Kamien – 2 Minutes

Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross – Intriguing Possibilities

M83 – Couleurs

At this point, we now have reached the penultimate soothing mindfulness for neuron brainwaves. Whether attempting to concentrate during a homework essay writing session or commuting back and forth from work on public transit, ambient and classical melodies like the following are certainly top tier:

Martin Kolbe – Hexagram of the Heavens

Farfield – Lure of Time

Claude Debussy – Clair de Lune

Franz Liszt – Liebestraum

Brian Eno – An Ending: Ascent

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