Who’s on First


One thing Hollywood has loved to do since the golden age was captivate our minds, and then reminisce about the past it once was. Here are several great examples of that in action, starting with a Vanity Fair Hitchcockian photoshoot recreation of “The Birds” with Actress Jodie Foster in place of Tippi Hedren.


Another memorable, though more interpretive and held to high scrutiny, form of recreating the past is to have another actor take the same role after a long time has passed. Fairuze Balk played Judy Garland’s same role in the 1985 sequel to “The Wizard of Oz,” called, “Return to Oz“.

Rachel-Dawes-The-Dark-Knight-Katie-Holmes-Maggie-Gyllenhaal Clarice-Starling-The-Silence-of-the-Lambs-Jodie-Foster-Julianne-Moore

Not so much time needs to pass in certain circumstances for other actors to be reprised or replaced. Sometimes one takes on the role for honor, although other times, financing can be part of the reason. (See “Batman Begins” vs. “The Dark Knight” and “The Silence of the Lambs” vs. “Hannibal“.)



One particularly stellar example is where actors can take on multiple roles in the same picture, sometimes even interacting with their other characters. (See “Cloud Atlas” and “Coming to America“.)



hitchcock-vf-08 hitchcock-vf-06

If any of these movie stills appear new to you, I would recommend you start clicking the links below and then view these films in no particular order!