The Truth About Wikipedia Charts


Yes, we’ve all used Wikipedia by now, or it’s mobile cousin, Wikipanion. Some of us have even contributed to it. And for those out there that know me well, or can guess from my blogs, I’m an awards fanatic.

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Well, one day as a teenager, I fell in love with a film called “American Beauty” — for so many reasons — but one in particular was the hauntingly gorgeous and creative musical score! Would learn Thomas Newman was the composer, and he’d become my favorite composer for life, with such works thus far as Shawshank Redemption, Road to Perdition, The Green Mike, WALL-E, Finding Nemo, Skyfall, Passengers and countless more.

I eventually came upon Wikipedia during my college years, and for a short while, was a contributor of text and images. Yes, I snapped the one above from my dorm, er, residence hall. What blows me away is how one small contribution can hit like a firestorm. I simply wanted a visualization for Thomas Newman’s many awards stacked up, and coded a very similar version to what exists now.



All was crafted circa 2006, pre-mobile-phone era. I was never expecting any of it to get noticed by anyone, nor to get exploited into other avenues of Wikipedia that had nothing to do with awards nor Newman. However, I am happy to take credit as the original DirectorG author of that coding. End of story!