Three Shorts: Commentary on Society

Within our present society, there are many faults, including racism, poverty, war, drug addiction, prostitution, and pollution. All such faults were created by humans. Through two music videos and a documentary, “Three Shorts: Commentary on Society” hopes to expose these faults, suggest that a society void of them might be an impossible utopia, and demonstrate Read More …

Raising Hope for Jim

Jim Thomas was recently diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer. Undergoing treatments for chemotherapy and radiation are newly becoming part of his newfound battle for life. This Go Fund Me account will assist our family with his medical bills and any after care expenses. Jim needs encouragement, strength and hope from the community to stay Read More …

Point Shoot ‘n’ Eat: Les Clos

Hear and see my original Yelp review with associated original photos for Les Clos in San Francisco, CA. Full review: •

Judgment Day (2002)

“Judgment Day” follows a young man on his way to his girlfriend’s birthday party. As details are gradually revealed, his innocence is questioned, and hence is his safety. This short video won 2nd place in the San Jose, CA, Chapter of the 2002 Backyard National Children’s Film Festival, High School Level.

Carlmont High School Segment: Peninsula Quiz Kids

As a gesture to prove Thomas Productions continues to restore former video projects, this one was recovered just over a month ago! Carlmont High School Segment: Peninsula Quiz Kids reflects the daily lives of Carlmont students. Filmed and edited as a high school student, and submitted to PenTV for airing on the game show, “Peninsula Quiz Kids”. Read More …

Social Media Revolution

Thanks to the plugins of WordPress, each new blog entry at now gets auto-posted on Facebook and Twitter! As this is the first plugin attempt, I’m testing the waters to distribute a salvaged oldie: My Teachers Are Aliens (1997), edited on VCRs in the sixth grade. Hope this test is a success! Social Media links:

Announcing New Site Is Live!

Welcome one, welcome all to! Thomas Productions has a revitalized site with a responsive design enhanced for mobile devices, so it is exhilarating to finally get to officially release this new design tonight! Web goals in the coming weeks and months ahead are to better connect this blog with social media so that various Read More …